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Life moves fast and finding time to relax often falls to the bottom of our to-do list. Laura’s extensive training in the workings of the mind-body connection taught her that Basic Relaxation for Life is the keystone for health and happiness. She created this self-hypnosis session, Basic Relaxation for Life, to help you learn to relax no matter where you are, or what is happening, so you can maintain your tranquility and safeguard your health.

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Your health is dependent upon your ability to relax and release stress. Laura’s Basic Relaxation for Life self-hypnosis recording is designed to help you learn to let go and relax no matter the situation. Learn the healthy art of Basic Relaxation for Life at a deep, subconscious level by listening to this self-hypnosis session regularly. Laura recognizes that many of us don’t think we have time to relax – we’re just too busy. She designed this self-hypnosis session to train your mind with daily stress reduction and basic relaxation techniques that can be used throughout the day.

Learn the practice of relaxing the mind and the body by listening to Basic Relaxations for Life self-hypnosis daily for 21 days. Listen when you go to bed, or take a 30-minute break during the day to listen, and Laura will teach your conscious mind to gently move aside – to become quiet, thereby allowing the mind and the body to achieve a complete state of relaxation. You will feel wonderful as you physically and mentally release unwanted muscle tension and replace it with feelings of peace and harmony.

Make Basic Relaxation for Life a habit, and feel better all day every day. You DO have time to relax! Start today with our easy to download MP3 self-hypnosis session.

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