Your desire to exercise is often overridden by your desire to do other things, like watch your favorite show or go out with your friends. Then the guilt kicks in, and the vicious cycle repeats itself. Stop procrastination in its tracks with Laura’s Exercise self-hypnosis session, and start getting the exercise your body craves.

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Laura created her Exercise self-hypnosis session to help you break through the internal triggers that keep you from exercising. Modern life is very different than that of our ancestors. Not too long ago working in the garden to grow food, walking long distances (or at the very least, saddling a horse and riding!), and working a manual labor job was the norm. Now we work from home or drive to and from our jobs, and drive to the grocery store or restaurant to eat. You get the idea. In order to get the movement our bodies need to maintain health, we have to make time to exercise – a concept that would have baffled our ancestors.

Listening to Laura’s Exercise self-hypnosis session will boost your everyday motivation and desire to exercise. You will become more motivated for whichever exercise program you choose. Every time you listen to Exercise self-hypnosis you will feel better and have an increased supply of energy. Stop procrastinating or making excuses for why you can’t exercise! Commit to listening to Laura’s Exercise self-hypnosis 21 times and create a new habit of a regular and healthy exercise program.

Let Laura retrain your brain with the healthy habit of exercising. Start today with our easy to download MP3 self-hypnosis session.

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