Perfect Enough Key 2: Self-Talk


Self -Talk: From Denigrating to Elevating

“Using positive affirmations is a remarkably simple way to change your self talk. You talk to yourself in a positive way, and with a bit of persistence, your subconscious mind changes its habits and your self talk becomes more positive!”  -Kevin John



MP3 1: This MP3 teaches you how to consciously discover your ability to change your internal dialogue from denigrating to elevating. Laura gives you step-by-step instruction through the DISCOVER PROCESS that will allow you to recognize your negative and/or self limiting thoughts. She then provides you with techniques to cancel and replace old patterns with positive words.

MP3 2: (Relaxation) During this session, you release old behaviors and attitude patterns in order to activate your blueprint for dynamic, new behaviors of confidence and ability. As you develop a deeper connection to your life purpose and intuition, you become more open and receptive to new opportunities. You will be able to take charge of your life with courage and vitality, and learn to believe in and appreciate yourself.

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