You are Perfect Enough – Now it’s Time Enhance Your Life with Laura King’s Perfect Enough Series!

Laura wrote the books Perfect Enough and Perfect Enough Companion Book as a means for creating powerful personal change at home, on your own. She realizes that it takes a great deal of work and personal perseverance to actually implement the changes, so she wrote and recorded the audio CD series, Maximize Your DISCOVER PROCESS to make creating positive sustained change easier. Each one of the eight CD sets contains two CDs focusing on a specific Key to change. One CD is an audio guide with tips for the conscious part of your mind (12%) and the other is a hypnosis CD that works directly with your subconscious mind (88%) to reinforce the positive outcomes you are working toward.

By themselves, the Maximize Your Discover Process CDs will create powerful change at a deep level; however, to make the most of your investment in yourself we recommend that your purchase Laura’s two books as well. We have bundled all three products at a very special price of $225.00.