Perfect Enough Key 5: Health


By programming both the conscious and subconscious mind, individuals are able access 100% of their brain’s power. This breakthrough in self-development allows the listener to master and maximize each your health effortlessly and automatically.


“Every patient carries his or her own doctor inside.”  -Albert Schweitzer (1875-1965)



MP3 1: This MP3 will teach you how to use your conscious mind to move from illness to wellness. Laura coaches you to examine unhealthy thoughts and behaviors that sabotage your wellness. She then teaches you how to use the DISCOVER PROCESS to overcome stress, give and receive forgiveness. As you learn to accept the cleansing, healing properties of your body, you also develop action steps to enhance your health.

MP3 2: (Health Relaxation) In this session, you will visualize traveling up a beautiful mountain and being in warm sunlight. You will experience the life-giving, healing properties of the sun’s light as you let go of past negative experiences or conditions. Your body will be charged with vitality, energy, and health. You will accept your ability to cleanse and heal your entire body, thereby acknowledging your creative power to produce health and begin to do so.

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