Perfect Enough – Maximize Your Discover Process


Maximize your Discover Process, empower, and sustain permanent change by programing 100% of your mind. This 8 volume, 16 mp3 set will teach you the eight keys to unlocking your full potential.

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By programming both the conscious and subconscious mind, individuals are able access 100% of their brain’s power. This breakthrough in self-development allows the listener to master and maximize each key effortlessly and automatically. The result is the unique ability to craft and execute your inner road map with choices that ensure happiness, health, and total fulfillment.

Each key has a conscious and subconscious mp3, for a tor a total of 16 MP3s! This set will turbo-charge your subconscious and reinforce the concepts at the conscious level. This complete set is a ($272.00 value)!

Maximize your DISCOVER Process with the 8 Keys:

  • Key #1 – Self-Confidence: From Insecure to Empowered
  • Key#2 – Self-Talk: From Denigrating to Determination
  • Key #3 – Persistence: From Hesitation to Determination
  • Key #4 – Life & Aliveness: From Lifelessness to Vitality
  • Key #5 – Health: From Illness to Wellness
  • Key #6 – Love: From Worthless to Valuable
  • Key #7 – Prosperity: From Scarcity to Abundance
  • Key #8 – Meaning: From Insignificant to Purpose


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